How It Works:

  1. We ask for a few details from you.
  2. We’ll deliver the top 10 financiers that we believe would be the best match for your business, and yourself as a founder or executive. We do via our matching algorithm which compares your profile to the 180+ financiers in our database. 
  3. At this stage it’s often helpful to jump on a call and talk through the more nuanced aspects of your business and the type of financing partner you’re in search of. You can then give your approval on the final list of financiers from which you’d like offers.
  4. You’ll need to provide the necessary documents / information to each of the financiers so that they can generate a term sheet. We typically recommend a “virtual data room” so that all of the financiers have consistent access to the most updated documents. We’re happy to help you with this process as well. 
  5. Finally, our team will manage the entire application process and all communications from a shared inbox to which you’ll have full access. You’ll be able to view all communications securely, and at any time. 
  6. Upon receiving the offers from all financiers, the Bootstrapp team will generate your Financial Design Brief – a dashboard outlining the deal terms from each financier and the output from our financial models which help you compare each of the offers in an apples-to-apples manner.
  7. You execute the deal that is the best fit for your future growth!